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3 Tips To Make Sure You Get Your Content Shared in TribePro For Massive Exposure!

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by: charlyhinels
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Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 Time: 9:18 PM

If you have not been hiding under a rock in the past few days you must have heard about the launch of the new TribePro syndication service and how it can help you get your content massively spread all over the Internet lightning fast!

If you have not tested it yet, I would recommend you do it now, given that it is free.

After you register you can start posting your content from all your favorite sites:

* Blog
* Better Networker
* EzineArticles
* MyLeadSystemPro articles page
* YouTube videos

You can post anything you want. People will then share your content.

Or will they?

Some people get their content shared over 300 times. Others, just a few times. Why is that? What does make a post go viral and another one doesn't?

What the post talks about is a big factor of course but I also think that the way the content is shared within TribePro is very important.

If you want people to share your content to their networks and if you want people from the network to come and read your content you must make sure you follow these 3 Copywriting Tips. And by the way, those tips apply when you write on your blog too!

1. Brand Yourself within TribePro = Photo + Proper Username

Network Marketing is a person business. Show yourself. Make people remember your name and your face. People are very visual so if they see you photo in the middle of dozens of other posts on TribePro, they will be most likely to share your content!

2. Add a Catchy Title And Description

I am having fun writing this article because I am going to pick on my good buddy Thomas Lierzer. Thomas is an awesome marketer and a leader within My Lead System Pro. But let me pick on him for a minute.

He just posted a new piece of content in one of the TribePro tribes we both belong to, and if I may, he did not do a very good job at making his post appealing. ;)

Let's see what NOT to do.

--> Thomas' TribePro Post Title: "MyLeadSystemPro Overview"


David Garfinkel and Tim Erway (creators of The Copywriter's Guild, a really good copywriting course) would just pass out if they were to read this!

Personally I don't really want to click on that. It tells me what it is but it doesn't really trigger any emotion on me. People buy on emotions, so make sure you add some trigger words in your title. Those will assure that people will want to first share your post in TribePro to their networks but it will also increase our chances to have people reading your post!

Here is my new version of the title:

--> MyLeadSystemPro Overview - Have You Seen The New MyLeadSystemPro Features? Insane!

Some might argue it is a little long (for the search engines), but in my opinion, we write for people, not for the search engines, so make your title the way you want it in terms of copywriting and you'll be fine. Just amke sure to include your keyword at least once.

TIP: Make the title catchy. Make people so curious that they have to click on the link to read what it is all about.

--> TribePro Post Message: "MyLeadSystemPro overview"

Is there an echo in here?

I would make the exact same remarks. People will share the post through TribePro to their networks on Facebook or even the social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble Upon, etc. and you description will show there. You must give the readers something more appealing than that!

Give people some benefits in the description. Here is what I would write for this.

--> Discover in this MyLeadSystemPro overview the the top benefits of MyLeadSystemPro. Find out how it will help you generate more leads, make more sales and sponsor more reps into your business!

Do you think a description like that will entice people to share the content. Absolutely! And it still include some good keywords!

On top of it, I don't know about you, but if I wanted any of these things and didn't know how to do it, with this description, I may have very well clicked on the link to check the blog post.

TIP: In your description, make sure you give enough benefits so it creates even more curiosity and the need to read the whole article.

3. Add an Appealing Sharing Message

--> Thomas' Share Message: "Check out @thomaslierzer blog post about MyLeadSystemPro"

Not too bad here Thomas. It is short enough so it won't be cut out in Twitter and it includes the username with he mention tag "@". If you are not familiar with this tag, it will allow to track back to Thomas' twitter profile every time someone share the post.

Again I would try to keep it under the 140 characters but I would want to add some more benefits. To make it easy I usually use the title of post as a base for my share message. Also remember that in TribePro, other people will share your content so write it in a way that would make sense for them to share. Make it first person if possible.

So for the share message I would write something like that:

--> @ThomasLierzer showed me these incredible My Lead System Pro features in this MyLeadSystemPro Overview. Discover it for yourself!

That's 129 characters (leaves enough room for the shortened link) and it is right to the point. Don't you feel it sounds like the person who share it did actually read Thomas' post and got some great info out of them.

TIP: Write your share message at the first person if possible and make sure to inset a call to action "Discover it for yourself".


I am by no means a master copywriter but I have learned from David Garfinkel and Tim Erway in The Copywriter's Guild and some of the awesome copywriters withing MyLeadSystemPro such as Jordan Schultz, Adam Chandler and the master Larry Beacham!

About the Author

Make sure you take a few more minutes following those TribePro tips and I can assure you that you will see your posts shares numbers increase, your bookmark click through jump through the roof which will results in more leads in your marketing funnel!

For more MLM ideas go to Perig Vennetier network marketing blog.

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