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Is The HP G72-B66US Any Good?

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by: TomeiBeddard500
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Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 Time: 4:27 AM

Buying a laptop is usually a fairly daunting task, especially if you are not up to date on the latest models. Shortlisting from the sheer variety can take a fair amount of time as you start to become aware of the latest processors and other offerings. Hewlett-Packard is now a well known brand for producing higher end laptops after being in the market for many years now.

Although HP are well established in manufacturing quality laptops, it's a good idea to still investigate each model of interest, as in the case of the HP G72-B66US. So, after a thorough investigation, here are the results.


The screen size of the HP G72-B66US is 17.3 inches, which boasts of high definition (HD) display and build with the HP BrightView LED technology. This means that all text, photo's, video's and alike are all very detailed, sharp and crystal clear.

The 2.40GHz Intel Core i3 processor is a great entry level CPU that offers great performance when teamed with the laptop's 4GB DDR3 RAM. This means that multitasking can be handled by this machine with no real signs of slowing down. Although not designed to be a games laptop, this unit will be able to handle some of the more energy zapping games.

The keyboard may not be backlit, but it is definitely large and spacious, and comes with a numeric keypad as well. Although not all laptops feature a webcam, the G72-B66US comes with a built in HP model webcam and built in mic to communicate with distant friends and family. A decent graphics card for video and gaming and Altec Lansing speakers give you fairly standard sound you would expect from a laptop.

With a screen of 17.3 inches and a full size keyboard, you could not expect this laptop to be feather light and its not at 6.6 pounds. Three USB slots (2.0) are available on this laptop which is the average number these days for laptops.

The standard mouse pad featuring the same textures as the base of the unit looks rather uniform and pleasing. A rather generous battery can see the G72-B66US last for around 2.5 hours from a full charge. Standard software of this laptop is Windows 7 Home Premium.

Impressed By

1. Solid performer- With the i3 processor and 4GB RAM, this laptop is quite powerful

2. Decent display- Although the laptop's high definition display is supposed to be one of its major USPs, the real output is a tad different.

3. Spacious Keyboard- With a full normal sized keyboard including a full numeric keypad, this laptop offers the flexibility and comfort of a normal desktop keyboard.

4. Great price- This is the one of the biggest USPs of the HP G72-B66US. The price of this laptop is in tune with most medium end laptops, but still manages to squeeze in enough features to make it perform at par with other laptops that cost more than this one.

The Disadvantages

Speakers- The speaker output from this laptop could be a little better, although no one usually expects dolby surround sound quality from two laptop speakers. Having said that however, it is in no way disgraceful or really lacking.

Final Thoughts

The HP G72-B66US is a fighter and packs in a lot of features, misses out on a few negligible ones, and somehow manages to get them all to run together to make for a good machine for laptop users.

If you are impressed by the looks, you would definitely be impressed by what the HP G72-B66US has in store inside.

About the Author

For well over fifteen years now, I have been reviewing products with passion! Simply stating both the good and bad points of a product to help you decide is the goal of every review that I write. If you want a more detailed look at this product, have a look at: HP G72-B66US Review. If this review helped you, I have other reviews also such as the HP G72-B60US. Happy shopping!

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