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Putting togther a self presentation note for that job in Luxembourg

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by: solomongashet
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Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 Time: 10:35 AM

Okay so you are making a written application in the Grand Duchy. It a very attractive banking job with a multitude of candidates. How do you secure yourself this job in Luxembourg? Can you make your application stand out?

In short yes, but not via your CV. The best way to do this is by writing an interesting and attention grapping covering letter to go with it. To help you to do just that here are the Ten Commandments of Covering Letter Writing:

One: Thou shalt not bore.
Most importantly you must avoid boring the reader - get straight to the point. No fluff. Ensure that you never waste your 1st paragraph by composing a boring polite introduction. Use the primary paragraph to get the employer's interest and attention; hit them with reason straight off about why you are the best qualified for the Luxembourg job.

Two: You shall not use clich?s and over embellish

Firstly do not use cliches like

"Within you find my CV"
"As you can see on my Curriculum Vitae contained with this letter."

They know that don't waste effort telling them it. Such trite words just waste space. And don't utilize unnecessary wordy or flowery phrases. They don't make you look clever - usually the opposite in fact and even more importantly waste space that could be better put to use telling them why are right for their job in Luxembourg..

Three: You shall not send a letter that has not been treble checked

You will be amazed how typos, misspellings, mistaken or incorrect grammar or punctuation mistakes, smudges, or even marks can appear on hard copy letters with out you noticing. So once you have checked ask a friend to go through it and then another. It should only go out if at least two other intelligent people would be happy sending it themselves. Never trust yourself to check it alone - it's too important and the mind can play too many tricks when you wrote it yourself.

Four: You shall use plain chuffing English

I shall cover it again - avoid the trap of waffle, needless caveats and pretentious writing. Always use simple terminology and an uncomplicated phrase structure. Ruthlessly do away with all unnecessary text.

Five: Thou shalt address to the recruiting manager

An individual within the organisation has been designated with vetting the applications - normally the actual recruiting manager or member of the HR team. Find out who it is (phone / internet) and address the letter to them. "Dear sirs" don't get people jobs.

Six: Thou shall not use Generic salutations

Hand in hand with the above don't utilize a sexist salutation, like "Gentlemen". If the hiring manager is a woman (and most HR departments female heavy departments) you can forget about it. It could almost be implied you assumed a man was recruiting as a woman was not capable of it - sexism never got any one hired except for as writers on the Benny Hill show.

Seven: Thou shall keep it brief

Look it does not matter how experienced you are or what you know - your CV should make that clear. The Covering letter is not for that. It is to succinctly point out why you are the only person they should meet because you fit the requirements of this job in Luxembourg better than anyone else. One page, A4, normal sized text with even spaced paragraphs containing only a few sentences.

Eight: Thou shalt give them what they are looking for

Super, super important! Write the letter to answer why you have what they are looking for. The job description will tell you what they are looking for. Remember you are telling them;

"Why can we recruit this person?"

So answer then. By quantifying and presenting your examples that will enhance and prove your particular claims that you are able to do this Luxembourg job is the most important element of the covering letter.

Nine: Thou shalt not reword your CV

Never fall into the trap (and it is a real one) of simply rehashing your curriculum vitae. You must use your letter to highlight in passing the areas of your background that are relevant to that position, but don't feel the need to simply repeat the resume.

On occasion it makes sense to email your CV to them. Make sure your covering email is the same as a well written tailored covering letter! If anything aim to make this email shorter yet even more concise.

Good luck.

About the Author

Solomon is a founder of Finance and Operational Recruitment, a wealth management executive search firm. He specialises in the provision of banking professionals to Luxembourg based banks and wealth management companies. He invites you to apply for jobs in Luxembourg at: Luxembourg Underwriting Recruitment

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