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Discover How to Get More Traffic from Social Bookmarking Sites

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by: fireballtechamr
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Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 Time: 7:01 PM

Social bookmarking has become one of the most widely accepted forms of sending traffic to your website to your blog. The web has only been social for a little while now but the change this has brought about has been enormous. When you have a blog or a website which you want more people to look at, you can use social bookmarking to reach that goal. Every day this zero cost traffic and exposure generation method proves to be beneficial to more and more website and blog owners. But how can you actually get the social bookmarking sites to work in your favor?

Get Your Friends Involved: It is the community that keeps these social bookmarking sites alive. The more people you can get to vote for you and like what you have posted, the better off you are going to be. So why not involve your friends in the process? We all have people in our lives that can contribute to this endeavor. This isn't necessarily a game on the system or an unethical activity; the main objective in this situation is to help increase your exposure levels by making use of these social portals. If your friends genuinely think that your content is worth it, they won't mind voting for it, right?

Your Content Should be Varied: Don't limit your activity in terms of the sorts of content that you'll submit to the different social bookmarking sites. Try to get the maximum exposure by submitting audio, video, pictures, documents, etc. The more you diversify your efforts here, the better. The reason to do this is that people are always looking for information in all sorts of different forms and this way you can satisfy all of those needs. For example, when you create and publish a new video that benefits people in your niche - bookmark it! Make it a new habit to bookmark every single thing that you create online. Help people discover all the different parts of your business.

Include Your Picture: When you work on sites like Digg and Reddit, you will see that the other users are going to identify you by the profile picture you use, so be sure that you have chosen a picture that will catch peoples' eyes. Even though the profile picture does not seem like it will be all that big of a deal, it really will make a big difference for you. Your profile photo makes your profile a lot more presentable and that can make you seem a lot more believable. Remember, it won't matter what type of marketing initiative you take, your goal is to get the best reaction from the other users. Boring isn't the same as interesting and that is why it doesn't sell anything.

Is it News?: The users are the ones who keep social bookmarking functional. Period. If you can impress the users on these sites by giving something that's newsworthy, you will receive umpteen number of votes. Your primary aim needs to be giving your target audience something that is worth their attention. Foisting non-newsworthy content upon people won't get you any good votes at all. Before you submit any form of content ask yourself if that content is actually worth it. Does it benefit other people in some way? Social bookmarking sites can give you a great source of long term traffic but whether or not you get that traffic depends on the type of effort you put forth.

To conclude, from this article we can see just how well social bookmarking can act as a boost for your website traffic levels.

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