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Lunch from the Insurance Sindseg-RS brings together over a hundred people

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by: magazineApolicerevista
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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 Time: 8:41 AM

After two years of the opening of the reinsurance advertise in Brazil, there was still an adjustment of the Brazilian market for the added rules and opportunities created. Reinsurance is a market because moves more than ? 3 billion an abundant year and with the new rules led to the return of old concepts of insurance, as most know the insured risk and the process that will be insured. Reinsurers design a specific program for each insurer, who has to pay off, otherwise it will not be renewed. These are some of the changes seen with the opening of the reinsurance market, highlighted in last Thursday in Porto Alegre by Alberto Muller, vice boss of Sindseg-RS and regional director of Maritime coverage. The exposure happened while refection coverage Market, sponsored by Sindseg-RS. According to Muller, the change in the rules, which were previously monopolized by the IRB, impacted, because each contract today is the result of a negotiation.

"Any information gap is filled with premium," he noted. He also recognized the constraints acceptance, because some activities, such as foam, for example, are not accepted by reinsurers. But stressed because the current process has generated more competitive, requiring more employees of organization training and the companies that operate in this sector. The result, he noted, is the increase in abundance in computing to offering new artifact and businesses.

with the experience of those working for over 10 generation in the coverage and pensions, the vice president of the assurance Icatu, Cesar Saut, began and ended his presentation in the assurance market Lunch, stressing the importance of saving. "The Social insurance sin 20 years from now will only be able to break down and pay a minimum wage as a benefit," he said. along the help of a simulator Retirement, available on the insurance Icatu, he did a demonstration along an audience member, which reached a life expectancy of 79 generation. The system itself shows because this expectation will still move, increasing every year. while acknowledging that the Brazilian economy because encourages application and save even is not in the country's culture, Saut said because the trend of the market is the most insurance sin possible. Only 3.8% of the population has a benefits paid after retirement plan today. "Surviving without economic capacity means losing his dignity," he noted. For him, the opportunities are great now to be happy that there has to be financial stability. "And insurers are here for that," he concluded.

Three exponents of the assurance market gaucho received the homage of Notables insurance Market, while the event. They are: Alceu Teixeira, 49 generation of activity, Antonio Eduardo de Moura Dauphin, 57 years of operations and Ivo Roberto Collares, 70 generation of contribution to the advertise. They received the president Julio Cesar Rosa and executive of RS-Sindseg certificates of Notables, in recognition for their participation and development of the coverage industry in the state of RS.

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