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Tips On How To Price Your Business Services for Fair Value

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by: frankoneal
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Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 Time: 2:14 AM

Marketing an online business that provides a service has parallels with product businesses, but you'll find important differences. Each job might have different parameters, and you have to assess the project and then make a proposal with your fee. But the interesting aspect many people encounter is there can sometimes be lingering questions after the quote is given. If you get the gig, then you may be inclined to challenge yourself. If your quote is accepted, then could you have gotten more from that client? Could you have gotten additional and would it have been worth it? A lot of times unexpected tasks occur which almost always produce more work; sometimes it seems to be inevitable. This article is exactly about establishing accurate and fair rates structures in the services business online.

There are a thousand different service based businesses on the net, most likely more. Let's take a minute to examine something that is actually pretty important. You do a lot more than sell a service; you offer important benefits to the businesses of your clients. Those are two totally different things, and the latter is far more powerful for your marketing. Your customers, or potential clients, think about benefits in far more valuable terms and feelings than anything else, usually. Consider that when you talk about a "service," there are practically no feelings associated with that. People are so accustomed to getting some type of service that they do not offer it a second thought. You want to position your self through you marketing as not merely a service provider but rather as an expert who confers benefits to businesses.

Let me ask... are you really aware of your true value; how much your benefits are worth? This procedure is really not about guessing, but you need to take a number of factors into account. It is nothing at all new or shocking that people are likely to under-appreciate what they have to offer and the value of it. However, it is imperative that your examination is totally objective in all respects. If you are a bit new and never have had many clients, then those facts need to be fairly weighed and factored into your fee. If you're a little stuck about how to approach this, then a great place is by visiting Google. Look at your competitors and simply see what the range of fees are. By doing that you will at least have some kind of point from which to start your own assessment.

We will inform you upfront and in no uncertain terms that you shouldn't ever negotiate over your service fees. That is where individuals will want to have advantage of you as much as possible. If you've got your fees clearly displayed on your site, they will continue to do it as if they totally ignored it. Dropping your fees simply reflects poorly on you; as if you have low self-esteem and self worth, etc. Once a person senses they have a foot in that door, then our experience has shown that things tend to get worse from that point on.

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