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2545: The Mortgage Meltdown Could Get Messier
Foreclosure, a word rarely heard in the media before 2007, is now a term used almost daily in the news. Millions of Americans are losing their homes as the country falls deeper into recession. The ba

2546: The City of Leander, Texas
Leander is the name of one of the small communities in the northwestern area of central Texas near Lake Travis and the Highland Lakes. Leander was actually originally called Bagdad, and it was establi

2547: Mortgage Rates Drop Again to Near Record Lows
Last week 30 year rates were at 5.53. At that point those were the 5th lowest rates we have seen in the last 30 years. This week we saw rates drop again to 5.47. Now rates are third lowest we have

2548: The Lake Travis Community of Jonestown
Jonestown is a small community on the north shore of Lake Travis where inhabitants can enjoy all of the advantages of small town living but still be a short drive from a large metropolitan area such a

2549: 4.5 Percent Interest Rates Provide Hopeful Outlook For Home Buyers
There is a plan in the works to lower the rate on 30-year home mortgages to 4.5 percent, a number not seen in decades for home loans. The plan by the Treasury Department to help the hurting housing i

2550: Hard Times and Modular Housing
This non recession recession we seem to find ourselves in, the one that some in government still don’t want to admit exists is impacting the housing industry quite hard. Some in high office still t

2551: Bay Area Real Estate Buying Spree to Stay For a While
We have witnessed a significant buying surge in the fourth quarter of 2008 due to rock bottom housing prices coupled with fantastic interest rates on mortgages. It has been a very unusual and controve

2552: Fear And Loathing in the Country Club
Lambertville, NJ- How far would you go to make the deal of a lifetime, the type of deal that would set you and your grandchildren up for life? Think about it for a minute, and then know that no matte

2553: Financial Literacy for the Rest of Us
Irving, TX- With many modern families, balancing the bank account is one of those activities that sit on the corner table, like the elephant in the room that everyone tries to ignore. It gets even ha

2554: The future of the housing market in 09
Right now, the housing market looks pretty bleak. There isn't much good to say about it, and many experts are predicting that it's going to be staying that way for a long time. They say that some reco

2555: The Community of Rollingwood
Rollingwood is a small city three miles west of downtown Austin, with a population of around 1400 residents at the time of the 2000 census. There were about 489 households reported in Rollingwood at t

2556: Mortgage Rates Experience Historic Drop
Mortgage rates experienced a historic drop this month. 30 Year rates fell from 5.97 to 5.53. This is the lowest rates have been since January 2008. But I think this understates how low mortgage rat

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