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How to get an Auto Loan after you were rejected by a Lender?

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Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2018 Time: 9:16 AM

You completed the entire process. You filled in the paperwork, provided the relevant details and were ready to receive car financing. However, the process came to an abrupt halt and your auto loan was rejected. Setbacks help you revise the direction of your efforts and alert you with a problem that you missed earlier. Do not fret and take a deep breath before you take hold of the situation. A number of small reasons may have come in between you and your dream car. The important thing is to identify the reasons of your loan rejection and correct it to the best of your abilities.

Faced with an Auto Loan Rejection? Learn how to turn the Tables!

1) Rejection Reason: Incorrect Documentation

Correction: The process of an auto loan approval is serious business. The lender will check very information that you provide. And, any discrepancy will call for further investigation. Usually, auto loans require you to primarily present your driver’s license, residential proof and income proof. Losing out on financing due to irresponsibility and laziness may become a cause of regret. Make sure you use your own information, provide the necessary documents and triple check your auto loan application form prior to submission. Effectiveness will become the bridge to get car financing approval.

2) Rejection Reason: Little or No Stable Income

Correction: Freelancers and part-time employees may have additional scrutiny from the lenders due to lack of stable income. Unsteady income is observed as a red flag because of the uncertainty that comes with payments. The calculation of your debt-to-income ratio becomes more certain and consistent when you have a full-time employment. A good credit score will be the base on which you can build a strong case in order to seek auto financing. If you have been regularly paying your credit card bills without any past default in your payments, you can even negotiate for a lower interest rate on your car loan.

3) Rejection Reason: Request for a Large Auto Loan

Correction: The amount of money you request for financing is often detrimental in getting approval for the loan. Banks and lenders have a limit up to which they can lend depending on your current income, credit score and job status. Reassess your real situation and ask yourself if the debt you are taking on is in line with your ability to pay. If you wish to buy a Mercedes but stretching yourself to make ends meet, an auto loan denial can be your wake-up call. Apply for an auto loan that is well-suited to your budget and make a sizeable down payment to improve your creditworthiness in the eyes of the lenders.

Parting Thoughts: Face Reality and Apply for an Auto Loan

Car financing denial is not an ideal situation but it gives you a great opportunity to take a look at your credit situation and fix it. Consider using your savings for down payments, correct any mistakes in your credit report and work out a proper payment plan in order to get a loan approval next time.

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