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How to get Attractive Interest Rates with Bad Credit?

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by: wiliams.282
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Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2020 Time: 7:23 AM

Credit history is a lifeline for getting any sort of financing. Bad credit builds up over time. Missing payments, avoiding a loan or past vehicle repossession are reasons why your credit score may have turned foul. Unfortunately, purchasing a car with bad credit is a difficult situation, however, it is not impossible. Bad credit scores cannot stand in the way of buying a new set of wheels. However, preparing ahead for all the impending problems will help you to make the most of your auto loan deal.

Bad Credit Buyers: How to Get the Best Interest Rates?

If you suffer from bad credit, the interest rates that will be offered initially will be higher than the number offered to most people. However, if you keep the following points in mind and go prepared, you can get your hands on a great deal and enjoy attractive interest rates.

1. Avoid Negative Financial Behavior

Prior to a few months of your auto loan application, make sure you are on your best behavior. Make timely payments and clear off all your previous debt before you take on a new auto loan. Decrease your credit utilization ratio on your credit card and have more credit available than debt. Additionally, check your credit report for any fallacies and remove them before applying for your auto loan. A clean credit report and strong financial standing will give you greater leverage to negotiate lower interest rates.

2. Check Interest Rates

Online auto loan portals can help you in ascertaining the interest rate for your auto loan. With a good credit score, you can qualify for an average interest rate. However, for those suffering from bad credit, chances are you will get higher interest rates as compared to those with good credit. Check the average interest rate and if the interest rate offered to you on bad credit is twice the average, do check again. You can also make a heavy down payment to avail lower interest rates on your next auto loan.

3. Pre-approved Auto Loan

An effective auto loan deal can take place if you have been pre-approved. Shop online for dealers and lenders who can get you pre-approved and understand the entire bad credit auto financing process. Online auto loan portals can help you calculate how much money can be pre-approved, depending on your credit score and income. Once you have obtained a pre-approved auto loan, the interest rate is fixed and no dealer will be able to get away with quoting higher numbers.

The Road Ahead

Bad credit cannot stop you from buying your favorite car. Make sure you keep the above points in mind when you walk into the dealership and you will be driving your new wheels in no time. The road ahead for bad credit auto buyers may be difficult but not bleak.

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