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Popular Features of Modern web design Penang

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by: VickerDretzka
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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 Time: 2:34 AM

Modern website design may not be perfect for every type of business, but there are many industries that can take advantage of its user-friendly and clean interface. Explore some ground breaking ideas that are increasingly being used in modern web design Penang.

Block web design Penang

Do you want to group all the info on your website and allow the visitors to scan the page with absolute ease? Block design is an innovative modern practice used for clearly defining cluster of information. However, this element of modern web design Penang has a limitation when it comes to adding content in the future because each block has fixed width and height.

Floating Scroll website design

Floating scroll website design may be complicated to setup, but it can create an amazing and appealing impact. When anchors are applied on the page, a visitor can click on the matching anchor link and they would be scrolled easily to the anchor position of the web page. In this case, the main navigation and the header would stay in a fixed position, providing a regular navigationalbase for the visitor. However, this modern design can have issues with more traditional browsers, as the effect can be a little bouncy.

Using Banner for Background in the web design Penang

The banner background is a revolutionary concept in web design Penang where the hero graphic is combined with the background. It would have all the elements transparent on the homepage banner and it would slide like a regular sliding banner.When it comes to changing the graphics, it would be required to create images with transparentbackground.

This type of designing would require the help of a graphic designer who can guarantee that the images are formatted and aligned properly. However, this modern web design characteristic can experience black outline when the website is viewed on older internet browsers like Internet Explorer 6. The same issue may be experienced in the case of browsers having higher web security features.

Simple and Centered website designLayout

Even though the resolution of modern screens continues to increase, website layouts continue to become simpler so as to make it more appropriate for visitors to read and navigate the site. Web sites with 2 column layouts are gaining more and more popularity. In addition, web designers are giving more emphasis to develop websites with centered orientation.

Larger Buttons and Fonts on Modern web design Penang

Modern websites feature larger buttons and fonts to make it easy to read and understand. With the help of font-embedding, web designers are able to harness the power of typography. More and more websites are being designed with unique and versatile fonts replacing the web-safe fonts that limited web designers' options in the past. The development of CSS and the improved capabilities of browsers allow web designers to create masterpiece web design Penang that can mimic printing magazine-like layouts.

Modern website design is evolving at a breakneck speed. In addition to the standard developments taking place, as mentioned above, different web designers are practicing unique concepts that would take some time to be classified under major categories.

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The author is a senior developer in penang web design and works with Pixal Network to assist and focus on design website and online software development. Pixal Network as a leading web design company can help anyone for web design, online marketing as well as search engine optimization at best possible.

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