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Which one will give me my "sexy" back?

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by: shellyuzan
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Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 Time: 7:39 PM

I wish I could have a dime for every time I get asked this question!
But please don't feel mocked, it's a very common question and it's a huge misconception in the world of fitness. And I am here to offer you some clarity on the issue. There has been so much evidence, discussion and praise for both disciplines as separate entities that often times they are far less discussed as two very synergistic components of a fit life! Cardiovascular training and resistance training work in concert to provide you the fastest and most effective results and here is how.

The simplest advice to always remember when organizing your fitness regime is twofol

One: Strength training is necessary to build muscle tone, bone density, joint support and an injury free body.

Two: Stronger muscles burn more energy. It's really that simple. Developed muscles burn more calories not only during your cardio session, but they hasten your metabolism so that your body continues to burn calories for several hours after your workout too! Ensuring that you are doing both types of fitness on a consistent weekly basis is what promises that strong and lean physique we all love so much.

Doing simply one or the other in your program, is like trying to figure out an algebra equation with only half the formula! You might get the idea of how to achieve the answer, but you still feel stuck. It's the same with an exercise plan. An adequate and results providing formula requires two parts to the equation, cardio and strength training.

I personally recommend that you lift weights three times a week, every week. If you like, I can help you design an individualized program for your specific health goals and needs. Just drop me a line.

As for cardio, I recommend a post cardio workout session (after your weights) as opposed to a pre-workout cardio session or going to the gym solely for cardio. Done in this way, cardio training three times a week is quite commendable for our super busy, schedules wouldn't you say? Due to the fact that the cardio that you ARE making time for will provide the best results because you are doing it at the more energy burning time, which is after your weight training. You'll get far more bang for your sweaty buck if you plan it that way.

Alongside this notion, it is imperative that nutrition is also a number one priority for you. One cannot out-train a bad diet! In fact, if you ate a clean, low fat, healthful diet on a consistent basis, you can definitely get away with three times a week only for your structured exercise plan. This would allow your more time for other activities in your leisure time. If you would like some more guidance in this area, I would be happy to provide you with further assistance and advice, as food timing, proper supplementation and pre and post workout nutrition is essential for your best results!

Lastly, getting your "sexy" back my dear Lioness is not just about going through the motions of eating smartly and training properly. It's also about the fantastic mental attitude that we are already so much admired for right? As successful women, we understand the importance of goal setting and a positive mentality; we apply it daily in our business and most aspects of our personal lives. So please allow me to offer you a friendly reminder that these amazing qualities that you are already possess, are just as integral to your fitness regimen.

I hope that I have been able to adequately elucidate the difference between cardio and strength training and why practicing both together is so necessary to achieve the results in your body that you are looking for!

I wish you great success!

Please inform me of your progress, I'd love to hear from you!

Be Strong, Be Proud, Be Lioness!

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