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3541: The Versatile Canvas Tarp
The Versatile Canvas Tarp Waterproof canvas , like other coverings, are used for various different reasons. You can use a canvas tarpaulin to protect a loaded truck bed, as an outdoor canopy, as a te

3542: Terrazzo, old world elegance and durability
A type of flooring I haven’t ever talked too much about is Terrazzo. Known for its beauty, durability and low maintenance, terrazzo has long been a choice of flooring for large corporation and

3543: Heavy Duty White Tarpaulins
In the building and construction industry, it is all-too important to have quality equipment and materials. Having tarpaulins that rip and tear and just won't hold up to the elements will never do; ha

3544: The Many Uses of Tarps for the Housewife
The Many Uses of Tarps for the Housewife Did you ever find yourself looking for something to cover the kid’s sand box to keep the animals out of it? If your children have a sand box that does not h

3545: Festive Holiday Outings
The holidays are a time for celebration, but it can be a stressful time, too. Decking the halls and all the other preparations for the festivities can start to feel less than jolly. Take a little br

3546: Unit Decorating Advice for the Upwardly Mobile
One thing’s for sure about these kinds of apartments: each has a style all its own. Whether large or small, divided by rooms or wide-open spaces, you know when you’ve walked into one of these plac

3547: Types of Leather
Throughout history, a material that has proven its durability and functionality time and again is leather. Once used, along with wood, to form the base of ancient technologies, it can still be found

3548: Warehouse Loft Living
Most lofts still offer a bit of the feeling of living on the edge due to their original use as factories or warehouses located in industrial areas. But in many cases, the latest examples have all the

3549: Treating your pets for fleas
If you have a pet, you probably notice fleas. Even inside pets can get them, and once they get established they can be difficult to get rid of. They suck blood from your pets, they can bite you as wel

3550: Treating your horse for worms
No one really likes to talk about worms, but they are a fact of life for most horses. They good news is that you can treat them quickly and easily. You and your horse will both feel a lot better. The

3551: The Trail of Lights at Zilker Park
What a magical time of the year, Christmas! Young and old enjoy this wonderful celebration. What can make it all more magical? How about the Trail of Lights at Zilker Park, everyone can find someth

3552: Table Linens
The term “Linen” is generally used to describe a class of woven and knitted fabrics used in and on beds, bath, tables, and in kitchens. Originally, many household items were made out of linen, bu

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