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7 Reasons Heating Film Deserves a Closer Look

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by: rosarioberry623
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Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 Time: 3:06 PM

Heating film has made noticeable inroads into the heating systems market over the past several years. It is considered to be the primary alternative to electrical heating systems. Many people immediately brushed off heating film because they did not believe it would be an effective substitute. As the underlying technology continues to evolve, heating film has shown on numerous occasions to be a fully viable alternative to traditional building heating options. It also has the opportunity to provide numerous benefits of electrical heating cannot match.

One of the immediately noticeable benefits is the overall operating costs associated with film. Overall, it boasts a 30 percent lower cost than traditional electrical heating and a 60 percent lower cost than oil boilers. While the initial installation may be cost prohibitive in some instances, the long-term financial benefits can easily justify the one time installation costs.

Another benefit of heating film is its size. It is extremely slim which not only makes for easier installation but also reduces the weight of buildings. Reducing the weight of the building can provide significant benefits over the lifetime of the building because the foundation is under less strain and pressure. This reduces the risk of cracking, breaking, and sinking.

Some experts note that film may be able to improve indoor air quality. Based on the results of several experiments it was shown that under floor film can improve air quality by more than 80 percent within two hours of operation. This is largely because it does not expose the human body to electromagnetic radiation associated with electrical heating systems. Plus, there is no exhaust gas or noise generated during the heating process. This makes it easier to sleep while simultaneously providing an antibacterial function.

An often overlooked reason to consider film is because it provides highly efficient rapid heating capabilities. Most electrical heating systems have a specific limit on how quickly they can heat a home or building. This is because they are driven by a single heater or boiler. With heating film this is not an issue because each square foot of film independently provides more heat to the space. The larger the room, the more heating there will be.

While heating film is most often associated with being placed under the floor, it is equally effective when in the ceiling or walls. This simplifies installation and insurers every home in building, regardless of their age, is a potential candidate for this type of heating system.

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My name is Rosario Berry, a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Daewoo Co. . While Heating Film is most often associated with being placed under the floor, it is equally effective when in the ceiling or walls.

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