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My dogs fresh breath

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by: hooligansangel
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Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2014 Time: 9:06 AM

I've been keeping dogs since my parants got a beautiful labrador which was very friendly with our cats. Since then I've had an assortment of pets from birds to those of an aquatic nature but always with a dog. The only thing I've found with some of my dogs is they've had a rather unpleasant breath - even at the best of times. There are loads of ways of trying to remedy this, but finding one the dog is happy too has quite often been a compromise. However, these days I've found the ideal solution with minth chewies. The dogs love them and it really helps their breath too. Problem solved. I've been getting mine from My Pet Supplies an online pet shop at The ones I use are Good Boy Fresh Breath Strips with mint Spearmint for fresh breath. These can be found at As described: A Complimentary Pet Food for Dogs. Good Boy Fresh Breath chew strips are a natural way for your dog to enjoy a treat! As well as added mint for fresh breath, the chewing action actively helps to prevent the build up of tartar on the teeth and strengthen the gums; thus improving the overall dental health of your dog. Gluten free. Fresh breath. Promotes healthy teeth and gums. Suiable for all sizes. Pack of 20. Resealable pouch for freshness. 140g. Ingredients: Meat and animal deriva, cereals. Protein 78%, Fat 5%, Fibre1%, Ash 1%, Moisture 14% AND they really do the trick. So now that doggy kiss in the morning isn't so horrible any more.

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