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What Are the Most Common Characteristics of Cable Wrap Tape?

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by: rosarioberry623
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Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 Time: 10:24 AM

Internet, telephone, cable, and electricity run through power cables and fiber-optic cables to billions of customers and home users on a daily basis. Everyone expects an uninterrupted, high quality service from their providers. Aside from the cables themselves, one of the most important pieces of equipment used to keep cables functioning properly is cable wrap tape. There are a variety of different types of cable wrap tape available although many share a handful of essential characteristics.

One of the most common characteristics is water swellable tape. The purpose of this type of cable wrap tape is to prevent water from getting into fiber-optic, copper, telecom, and power cables. It achieves this by utilizing superabsorbent polymers to provide the best possible performance in moist conditions. In many cases, if there is a failure it happens within the first few minutes of water touching the tape. This makes it critical that an extra emphasis is placed on the performance of swellable cable wrap tape during the first few minutes it is doused in water.

This type of tape can include both woven and nonwoven materials to ensure that all of the superabsorbent polymers contribute efficiently to the water blocking properties of the tape. The long-term performance of this type of tape has proven to be an effective replacement for traditional filling jellies which used to be used to protect fiber-optic cable. As an added bonus, the swelling abilities of tape play a key role in preventing fungal growth on cables.

Another common characteristic of cable wrap tape is the ability to be semi conductive. It is important to note that there is both nonconductive and semi conductive tape. Each is use based upon the specific application is required for. Semi conductive tape performs essential electrical functions within a cable. In most cases its primary role is to equalize the field current around the conductor or core to guarantee electrical contact with the grounding system. This is critical to reducing the electrical stress on insulation material as well is providing enhanced performance.

As an added bonus, this ability also prevents corrosion of metallic armor layers within the cables. Along with being highly electrically conducive, semi conductive tape is often an abrasion resistant to withstand the cable making process. It also boasts a comparatively high tensile strength and tear resistance to allow for high-speed lapping and binding during the production process.

Additional specialty cable wrap tapes can be produced based upon buyer specifications, however the two most utilize characteristics are swellable and semi conductive/nonconductive properties.

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My name is Rosario Berry, a professional freelance writer, like to introduce JY Tape Co. . There are a variety of different types of Cable Wrap Tape available although many share a handful of essential characteristics.

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