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265: Minnesota DUI and DWI Law
Seven years is what you could potentially be looking at should you get arrested in Minnesota and are convicted of first degree DWI. Not only that, but you also stand to be ordered to pay a fine up to

266: DWI - 10 THings to do for your Winning Defense
What should you do if you are arrested for a DWI in Minnesota? Acting swiftly may result in a more rapid license reinstatement and preparation for your DWI defense. ONE Why were you stopped? Pay ca

267: If Treasury Can't Stabilize the Housing Market, Maybe Immigration Can
After trying to help Americans pay their first mortgages, the Obama administration is now going to tackle second mortgages. This latest effort to address the housing crisis offers incentives to mortg

268: Winning Defense to Marijuana Charges
Many people believe that charges for Marijuana possession are not serious criminal penalties are only imposed for methamphetamines, cocaine and other drugs considered more serious. That is not the cas

269: Family Law: What Is the Probate Process?
Probate is a term that you've probably heard before in passing when someone has lost a loved one. Although, the term may be familiar, the actual process that applies may be unfamiliar. There is a lo

270: A Divorce Lawyer Can Help
The road to divorce is a difficult journey to travel. It is filled with emotions, anxiety and plenty of confusion. Deciding to legally dissolve your marriage is a major life decision. Along with the i

271: Winning your DWI or DUI Case
The Criminal Case of DWI All state s have laws that preclude drunk driving and DWI. Each year those laws are amended to include increasingly harsh penalties. Repeat offenders may face: (1) lengthy

272: Federal Criminal Lawyers and Attorneys
What is a Federal crime? We have been hearing so much in the news of late concerning people involved in the mishandling of other people's money. That is just one example of a Federal crime. Anytime th

273: DUI Charges vs DWI Charges
One of the most common criminal charges that people are faced with are DWI or DUI charges. Both of these offenses involve driving a vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicating substance. Howe

274: DWI and DUI; Source Code Defense, Minnesota Supreme Court Rules
What is a Source Code? In simple terms, the source code is the computerized language that operates a device. It provides the device with a set of commands on how to analyze data and even when to tu

275: Possession and Dissemination of Child Pornography - by a Criminal Defense Attorney
I have been inundated recently by inquiries related to child pornography issues. In our computer age where information, images and videos can be rapidly and easily accessed, this has become a growing

276: Aquired Brain Injuries - What are they?
Acquired brain injuries are very serious and have lasting medical effects on the person who has this type of brain injury. The brain controls our entire body and is necessary for speech, movement, and

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