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Trends on the Website Designing Field of Penang

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by: VickerDretzka
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Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 Time: 10:19 PM

A change in trend is the indication of development and growth in any field. Trends change because human mind never goes in the same line. Website design Penang is also in the line of changing trend. Designing web pages involves many methods. The applications and tools used by each web designer Penang might not be the same. But still everyone has to be up-to-date with the latest developments to satisfy their customers. Every year there will be a shift in the trend. The websites are to be designed and developed keeping in mind the changes in the trend. Here are few of the changing trends in web designing.

A Responsive Design

Any website has to be designed in a user- friendly manner. A quick response from the other side is what would be the expectation of all. So a web design Penang must be interactive and quick in its response. The users would always be eager in knowing about the site when they visit for the first time. If the site is not quite responsive, the users may not like it. Earlier there were many sites just to provide information. But now, the users expect more. They need the site to fulfill all their needs.

Fixed Position Navigation

Navigation bars and links are common elements in all the websites. The web designer Penang has to decide the position of such navigation tools on the site. A website with several links and navigation menus are not the present trend as this might be too heavy for the users. The users might need a very little information from the site. Too many navigation tools might not help them in finding what they actually need. A site with few navigation tools may fix these tools in a particular place. Even when the screen is scrolled, these tools remain fixed. This helps the users in identifying the information easily.

Circle Mania

Various shapes are used in web design Penang for highlighting information on the sites. But in the recent years, the usage of circles is gaining more attention among the users. Circles used for showing images in a different light, zooming, and displaying portfolio images, footer icons, etc are increasingly seen in the sites of today. The circular shapes are smooth and give the best eye contact for the users.

Huge Mascots

Colorful and big- sized vector arts are now being used to represent the main theme of any website. The web designer Penang has to use huge mascots on their home page as a part of the design. Such mascots will have a greater market value. Placing them in the right layout will make the site more attractive. Designers now understand the appeal of vector arts in website creation.

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The author is a senior developer in web design Penang and works with Pixal Network to assist and focus on design website and online software development. Pixal Network as a leading web design company can help anyone for web design, online marketing as well as search engine optimization at best possible.

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