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Web Designing Principles of Penang

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by: VickerDretzka
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Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2012 Time: 9:38 PM

The Penang web designing company incorporates five main principles in their designs. A web design is not just simply throwing the HTML tags here and there. It has got a lot more. Designing is the best food for a creative mind. Websites may be of many varieties. But these principles would suit any site and they are must for every site. Keeping these principles in mind while designing a web page would definitely render the best product.

Principles of Penang web design:

The Penang website design will always be based on the following principles. These are actually the five pillars of a successful web design.

There must always be a balance in all aspects of the website. The contents of the webpage must not be completely too heavy or absolutely nothing. The heaviness has to be spread with a balance throughout the site. Using bright colors might seem attractive and mild colors would be professional. But there must always be a blend of bright and light shades of colors. Placing smaller and larger elements must also be in a balance. While making the layout of the website, one must be careful in maintaining perfect balance among the design elements.

Though matching and blending colors may look perfect and appealing, one must use contrast combinations too. In a fully white website, a cherry red portion may be greatly highlighted. Such highlighting effect can be given only by contrast. Main information or element can be given special notice by this principle. This does not relate only to colors. Shape like square and circle can be used in contrast. Also the size of the elements can be contrasted. Such contrasts must be carefully placed and it must be limited as per the need in a Penang web design.

The emphasis in a Penang website design is given to those elements that need immediate attraction. While designing a website, it is very common that one feels every element is essential. As the designers are those who put in the elements, it would be difficult for them to identify which one to be emphasized. Emphasizing every element would make the site flat. The users may not be attracted even by a single element. Thus, the designers have to set priorities for the elements. Based on the hierarchy emphasis has to be given.

This is the repetition of an element or a particular pattern within the site. The repetition of the company logo or the main motto makes the readers comprehend them. They would then be more familiar with such elements. But this rhythm must not be in a high frequency. It may cause boredom. Choose the perfect rhythm and make the best Penang web design.

The website might contain several diversified elements. There must be something that makes all the elements unite. This may be the company name or logo. If there is complete variation between two parts of a website, the users may feel that they are taken to a different site. Their continuity might be lost. So there must be a unifying aspect that makes all the pages of the site to be in the same line.

Penang website design principles helps all the web designers to make a perfect website with the elements placed in perfect places and styles.

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The author is a senior developer in penang web design and works with Pixal Network to assist and focus on design website and online software development. Pixal Network as a leading web design company can help anyone for web design, online marketing as well as search engine optimization at best possible.

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