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What are the Top Questions to Be asked to a Penang web designer?

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by: VickerDretzka
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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 Time: 8:25 PM

Do you want to appoint a website designer Penang for designing your website? Most people wouldn't know what to ask a web designer when hiring their services. The following guide tells you the main questions that you need to ask a Penang web designer when evaluating if they are ideal for your work or not.

Ask the Penang web designer for their Portfolio

It is vital that you check the portfolio of the Penang web designer so as to learn about their past work. Go beyond the screen shots and visit their sites they designed for their previous customers. Check the sites for their ease of navigation, their working and if their looks are appealing.

What Browser Software the website designer Penang Uses for Testing?

Ask the Website designer Penang, the names of all the browsers for which they would test your website. Be an intelligent website owner and make sure that your website opens correctly in all the leading browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera among others.

Does the website designer Penang avail Web Standards?

There are many benefits of using web standards from the aspect of accessibility and many other reasons such as driving your business. Ask the web designer if they use web standards because it can mean driving more visitors to your site and also bringing them again and again onto your site.

Does the website designer Penang Have Marketing Knowledge?

The ideal website designer penang is a creative professional who has the knack and interest for selling things. Whether it is a web designing company ora professional, make sure that they have knowledge in marketing. It can help give you an edge when it comes to promoting your business through your website.

Does the Penang web designer offer Online Marketing Services?

The strategy behind developing the website and its online marketing should be to develop your business and achieve growth. Ask the Penang web designer, if they can optimize your website for search engines and also handle the submission process.

Will the Penang web designer Produce the Logo for your Website?

A good Penang web designer would create the logo for your site as a form of extra service. From a branding perspective, logos have a wider importance on your website. It is important that the logo on your website should have a strong graphic appeal and it should match with its central message. The web-designingfirm should be able to provide this service, as it is better to get all the related services from one provider.

Does the website designer Penang offer Maintenance Training?

Most of the time, website owners don't know how to use the HTML editor. It would be required to make some changes to the website from time to time. Therefore, make sure that the website designer Penang you choose offers web maintenance training. It should be offered through an interface that doesn't require you to deal with codes.

These are the main questions that need to be asked when you are evaluating the services of a Penang web designer. Move ahead with the hiring only when you have received satisfactory answers to these questions.

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The author is a senior developer in penang web design and works with Pixal Network to assist and focus on design website and online software development. Pixal Network as a leading web design company can help anyone for web design, online marketing as well as search engine optimization at best possible.

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