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Watches: Evolutionary Trends

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by: DavidWolf
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Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 Time: 12:28 AM

Thousands of years ago humans were, and still are, able to determine the time by viewing the position of the sun. Next, the sundial was invented, then came clocks and finally watches.

Certainly, the original purpose of watches was strictly to tell time. With the advent of fashion, watches became popular more for the value as a fashion statement than a time piece. Once made only of steel, watches are now made with precious metals such as sliver, gold, and platinum. Watches that were plain and utilitarian were changed to make them into fashionable pieces of jewelry. Watches never had such a grand appearance.An elegant line of watches, that are reasonably priced are, Bulova watches.

Similar to most things in life, watches experienced and evolution over time. There are mechanical watches, battery, solar, and kinetic powered watches. The wristwatch was popularized and all types of materials have been used for watch bands. Then sapphire crystals were utilized to improve durability and quality. Nowadays, electronic watches with quartz movements are primarily used. They do not need batteries and get charged with movement of the wrist. Mechanical watches require winding but tend to last longer.

At first all mobile watches were pocket watches, then wrist watches came into vogue. Pocket watches were attached to a long chain and generally held in a vest pocket.

Coming to the current trend, a watch can do more than tell time. There are watches with embedded GPS and MP3 players and some have microcomputers in them. There are watches that can calculate numbers, take pictures, and play videos. Of course stop watches can be used in sporting events to track time to the one hundredth of a second. There are also watches with embedded heart monitors for use while exercising.

Certainly, many are concerned with the style and design of their watch. There are various types of watches made for different purposes and events. There are watches for swimmers and beach goers that are waterproof. The design of our watch often is a reflection of our personality. It is important to select the proper watch for a particular need or occassion. For a watch collector the uniqueness of the design and the materials used in its construction may be of primary import. For the younger generation fashionable watches with a lot of features may be important.

For some collectors, antique time pieces found in many antique shops may be of primary importance. It is important to buy them from well-known makers and reliable stores, especially if one is looking for a very expensive stone studded one. Low cost watches are ubiquitous and can be purchased almost anywhere.The Swiss still produce many of the most elegant and desirable brands, one of the most elegant and cost effective brands are Swiss Army watches.

When purchasing a watch as a fashion statement, brand is the usually the primary factor. Some brands famous for their design and appeal are, Casio, Bulova, Swiss Army, and Invicta. Some of them stock jeweled watches studded with precious gems like diamonds and other gems, that gives the watch an unusual and elegant look. There is a huge variety of women's and men's watches from which to choose. An elegant watch can be a timeless gift to a loved one.

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