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What to Talk About With a Girl

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by: NathDent
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Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 Time: 12:38 AM

Have you ever froze when talking to a girl? If, like me you have experienced this you'll know how much it sucks! Thankfully, you can totally change this as I did after knowledge what to talk about with a girl. I didn't feel myself stumbling on my words anymore, or have any of those awkward silences that are cringe worthy.
If you're serious about becoming more striking to girls then one of the first things you NEED to learn is what to talk about with a girl.

I teamed up with the experts of pick up and we have put together a 3 step process below which will take you from a chump to a champ.Ready? Let's get started..

What to Talk About with a Girl Step 1 - Decrease Nerves

Most males fail miserable with stunning women because they don't know what to say. Well, why don't they know what to say? It's because they are nervous! You are putting too much pressure on the interaction by thinking about stuff like as 'I hope she likes me', 'do I look ok?' and even 'wow, she's too terrific for me'.

You are instantly setting yourself up for failure by having this kind of thought pattern. By putting a random woman on a pedestal you easily lose track of what to say.

When you rid yourself of nerves you don't worry about what a woman thinks of you or what to say. Mainly, this is because they don't pressurise themselves. After all it's the girls loss if she doesn't want to speak to him. After all, if somebody doesn't fancy to have a chat with a cool guy what does it tell you about them.

How can this be achieved?

What to Talk About with a Girl Step 2 - Inner Reflects Outer

Developing inner game helps you reach a mindset of abundance. This helps you to know exactly what to talk about with a girl.

To develop this mindset you must develop your own inner game. You must learn to really appreciate, respect and love yourself before anyone else can love you. One way to increase your inner game is to start doing affirmations. One affirmation I say to myself every morning and every night is

'I am exceptionally confident and stylish man. I am exceptionally beautiful and embody success, and as such do not need to prove myself to anyone'

If you will change..everything will change for you...

What to Talk About with a Girl Step 3 - Mastering the Skills

So, now you know that your inner game is the most important aspect which will help you tremendously about what to talk about with a girl. Let's go on to see what topics women find particularly interesting.

Women love the following subjects so use them consistently in your conversations:-

* Drama
* Mystery
* Pop Culture
* Interests
* Feelings

Use this and girls will find you compelling and very attractive. If you put these 3 steps into practice your dating life will explode, and you'll have women begging for you.

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