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The very best variety of watches that purely Hamilton Watches can deliver.

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by: HaineCrook855
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Toward the end of the 19th Century, pocket watches are created by Hamilton Watch Company to be used by railroad workers. Engineers relied upon the precision of these pocket watches in order to avoid collisions, and peoples' lives pretty much hinged on them. Pretty good for a company set up by a few businessmen on the heels of the individual bankruptcy of one other watch company. After buying the Keystone Standard Watch Company, the businessmen from Lancaster, Pennsylvania who bought the company from the sheriff's sale were going to produce just the highest quality wrist watches.

The "Traffic Special" as one of their own railroad pocket pieces was known, soon became a favorite of guides, farmers, truckers along with other transportation individuals who could very well depend upon them for legibility along with reliability. Hamilton also created finer, more delicate pocket watches for guys in six different styles. Shortly afterwards, a Hamilton watch which they called Broadway Limited was made the official watch of the United States Expeditionary Forces during World War I. A wrist watch version was produced for the forces and also for their General, John J. Pershing. Referred to as the Khaki, this wrist watch has become so well-known that it was re-released pretty much 90 years later.

Other Hamilton Military Watches in this era were worn by officers and were designed as small pocket timepieces complete with leather straps as well as shrapnel shields to ensure the crystal would not get cracked. Another product, the 992, was Hamilton's best-selling pocket watch. It was fashioned with dials that demonstrated hours and minutes, a specialized design that was their own. Besides the railroad pocket watches, Hamilton set about putting out custom-made watches with gold parts for well-heeled consumers. They were finer, more delicate pocket watches for males in six different styles, with companies like Bryan, Tyler and Dwight, and promoted as fine special gifts for guys.

Just after World War II, Hamilton was producing more wristwatches as opposed to pocket watches. By the Fifties, these folks were importing movements out of Switzerland and eventually their production in addition to headquarters were transferred to Biel, Switzerland and Hamilton watches are now manufactured by Swatch. However, the Hamilton Watch Company has stayed associated with American history. To their friends, individuals who use Hamilton watches are known as "watch snobs." Today the enduring Hamilton watches continue to be available to buyers who really want fine quality, unique wrist watches which has an interesting and remarkable history behind them.

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