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Web design - Know the Things in Creation of a Website

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by: VickerDretzka
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Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2012 Time: 11:51 PM

Web design is an art. One needs a lot of planning for this work. A website may serve many purposes. Based on the intention of its creation, the design and various features of the site have to be formed. Intensive research has to be done to gather the right and best suited information for the site. After the research, information architecture has to be done. This is placing the right amount of information in the right part of the webpage. There are so many things to be considered before designing a website.

A website design must...

Be User Friendly:
The user interface aspect of a webpage must be taken more care as this gives the first effect of the site to the users. All options on the website must be easy to determine and use. The options must be clear for the users. The web design must include the best user interface and only this could make the visitors come back again.

Contain good Structure:
A good structure of a website is very essential. The design must be in a proper and a well suited layout based on its purpose. If the site is purely informative, it can have less links or buttons and more info and relative images. If the site is interactive, it must contain some audio- visual and other beautiful features. The colors and fonts used in the site may vary depending upon the users of the site. Website design has to be structured with all these elements in their right place.

Be proper in Navigation:
If the users are not properly directed within the webpage, the website design is not considered as effective. A proper navigation in the site has to be assured. The pages of the site should be meaningfully arranged. The links on the site must avoid confusions and the user must find it easy to switch between the pages of the site. The navigation must be appropriate and smooth throughout the site.

Designing a website:

Design is the key part of website designing. There are various elements of design, which one must consider before starting the work. Text would be the major element in most of the websites. Placing the text in the right font and size would create the right image of the site among users. Next are the images, graphics and videos. These are the attractive elements of the site and a perfect web design would place these elements carefully. Other elements like lines, shapes and texture must also be taken care while designing the website.

Website design may be for the entire website or a part of it. One must have great creativity in the field of web design. There are many tools for designing a web page. It is not easy to learn all the tools. Knowing one or two tools can help one in designing a web page by combining with other people who might be experts in other skills. There will always be something to learn in website design. Learn more and be the best designer.

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