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373: Mens Wedding Band Selections
Men's Wedding Band Selections Congratulations on your exciting news- you and your fiancé are getting married. You will want to choose one of the men's wedding rings that fits your style, persona

374: Mens Engagement Bands are Becoming More Popular
Men's Engagement Bands are Becoming More Popular The traditional engagement has always consisted of a man proposing marriage to a woman, offering her an engagement ring, and she either accepts or no

375: '82 Mystery: Nothing is More Dangerous Than the Human Mind
The human mind can do mysterious things. It can make you believe things that are just not true, it can make you see things that are not there, it can make you think that you have done something that m

376: Vacuum Accessories Eliminate Odors When a Candle Just Won't Do
Something stinks in here! And after opening a window and lighting a candle, the odor still won't budge. More than 78 percent of Americans agree that household odors like food, pet messes, mildew and k

377: Odysseus's Ithaca: The Discovery
Informed hypothesis, empirical investigation, wishful thinking and sheer fantasy; each researcher has formed his own opinion of the location of Homer's Ithaca. Berislav Brckovic, author of Odysseus's

378: Save Money with Online Caskets
Planning a funeral and buying a casket is probably one of the most stressful events in life. You have just about as many things to plan and do as you would for a wedding, but instead of months you ha

379: Sneeze-free clearing tips for allergy sufferers
Is the Ozone affecting your allergies? According to recent studies, global warming may be causing an increased amount of sneezing, sniffling and nose blowing this season - but that's no excuse to toss

380: The Martyrdom of Telemachus Still Inspires the Christian to Engage the Culture
Do you have a wall that you need to climb over? What is meant by that question? Are you familiar with the story of Telemachus the monk, whose martyrdom ended the Roman games? According to church histo

381: Tips for Finding a Swimsuit If You are A Full Chested Woman
Having a large chest can be a mixed blessing for many women, particularly when it comes to shopping for a figure D cup bathing suit. Many styles are created with the less curvaceous figures in mind, m

382: Easy Ways to Stretch Your Budget When Eating Out
Everyone loves a good restaurant. No dirty dishes, a night out of the house, time together, and great food is recipe for a lot of fun. The only downer comes when you glance at your bill and do a doubl

383: What You Need To Know About Russian Mail Order Brides
Dating and marrying Russian women have been a customary practice for thousands of Western bachelors in the recent years. It is kind of challenge for the majority of them on account of the differences

384: Florida Beach Weddings - The Perfect Tropical Wedding Setting
Be Mindful of Local Regulations Getting married in Florida beach weddings can be considered one of the most romantic things one can do when it comes to alternative venues. When planning for destinatio

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