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529: Will the Last Ones to the Recession Be the Last to Leave?
It seems Texas has arrived to the recession fashionably late, the question now is how long will we stay? The current economic woes began to be felt in some parts of the nation at the end of 2007, the

530: Why Adult Party Plans are really big Right Now
In today's volatile economy, it seems that having fun has gone by the wayside and staying at home, eating home cooked meals and finding entertainment via the television or in playing computer games ha

531: Getting an Earful about Earmarks
President Obama signed the $410 billion federal budget this week, calling the bill "imperfect" for the billions in earmarks it included. Earmarks, those expensive pet-projects of lawmakers that get t

532: What Does Bank Nationalization Mean?
There has been talk in recent weeks about the possibility of the U.S. government nationalizing some struggling banks, like Bank of America or Citigroup. While Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke ha

533: Take Care Of Your Scuba Gear And It Will Take Care Of You
When you have a good amount of money invested in scuba diving equipment, it’s only logical to maintain it properly to last you many years. Not to mention your safety and well being are dependent

534: ChatTextNow is the newest Application making waves on Social Networks and see how you can get in it too, $$$! is the newest Application making waves on Social Networks like Facebook, Bebo and soon on MySpace. It has the potential to launch Facebook and Bebo along with MySpace and several other

535: How the Stimulus Plan May Help You
$787 billion is a nearly unfathomable number. What does it really mean and where it all that money going? According to the official American Recovery and Reinvestment Act website the money is broken

536: Foreclosure Freeze Will Not Warm Up the Housing Market
Maybe it was the stern talking to they took from Congress this past week that put the big banks into a charitable mood. J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America have all agreed to freeze fore

537: When Will the Economy Turnaround?
Is the worst still to come? That is the $789 billion dollar question. Or in the case of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the 2.5 trillion dollar question. Despite Congress getting ready to vote

538: The Economic Bailout Debate
The much anticipated speech was given; it was the details that were missing. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was expected in his speech this week to give the nitty gitty particulars about how the

539: Where Did the Bailout Money Go?
The luxury jet Citigroup wanted to purchase made the news, as did the $35,000 commode and billions in bonuses credited to Merrill Lynch CEO, John Thain. What is less clear is exactly what effect the

540: Valentines Day, Austin Style
Each year on February 14th candy and cards, gifts and flowers are exchanged between loved ones. Who was Saint Valentine, and why do we celebrate this day? It has always been a mystery, but February

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