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Buy Inexpensive Qualitative Brand Name Cigarettes On The Web

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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 Time: 8:13 PM

Heavy taxes imposed on cigarettes by the governments and billion-dollar law suits filed against tobacco manufacturers badly impacted the price for cigarettes. The price soared tremendeously within an instant. As a result, branded cigarettes such as Marlboro, Winston, Camel are now too pricy for an average smoker to afford. New York City prices for these brands at $40 per pack are terrifying!
So, sites advertising cheap premium and generic cigarettes at $15 per pack can be an alternative for many smokers. Are you wondering why they are so inexpensive compared to cigarettes available in stores? It is easy. On-line sales are not taxed. Yet, online purchase of cigarettes is proscribed in several states. Retailers offering discounted cigarettes mainly operate from states that have lower taxes. A number of online discounters are placed at Indian reservations, where tough federal tax laws are not applied. Annual sales from these Indian reservations are estimated to amount to millions of dollars.
Purchasing cigarettes online has lots of advantages. Firstly, is the price. Some on-line suppliers offer free door-to-door delivery of the products. Even if you have to pay for the delivery, the overall sum will not be that high compared with the amount you pay for cigarettes at a gas station or a local store.
Along with sparing your money, you will also spare a good deal of your precious time if you order cigarettes on-line, as you do not have to line up for a packet and drive from one shop to another searching for your favourite brand. Nowadays you can merely click on your favourite cigarettes brand, pay the order and have it delivered straight to your door.
Besides, now and again there are special offers, such as "purchase one, get one free". Or some on-line sellers can let you earn a credit for further shopping with the website.
Furthermore, from online suppliers you can purchase brands that have never been or are no longer available in your area.
The websites also insure that your personal data will be viewed as strictly confidential, thus there cannot be any leakage of information. A number of websites commonly warn their customers that purchasing cigarettes on the Net is not for retail, but for personal use only.
So, stop purchasing cigarettes from a local shop, power on your PC, make a few clicks and have the order shipped straight to your home hassle-free.

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As the government levied heavy taxes on cigarettes, the price for cigarettes has soared. Websites are are option. They offer qualitative cheap cigarettes. Here you can buy marlboro cigarettes at a reasonable price.

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