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Flogging Raises Your Sexual Drive

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by: tomcornish228
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Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 Time: 10:01 PM

BDSM is abbreviated from Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission and Sadomasochism. It may be either sadistic and savage or highly erotic and arousing. It has much in common with a love game in which one desires to be subservient and the other dominates. The roles are not fixed and partners can change them.

Flogging is a BDSM technique which involves beating or whipping a sexual partner with whipping accessories, such as whips, paddles, canes, floggers etc. The flogger is a whip with thongs as a rule caled "falls". Falls are commonly made of suede, leather, rubber, rope or other flexible materials. The length, the number and composition of falls influence the sensation created by the flogger. Floggers are typically characterized by the sensation they cause. The sensation caused by floggers may also differ according to techniques applied by the dominant. Floggers are typically applied to areas of the body that are well-muscled or shielded by body fat. A good flogger does not bring about any injury. Nevertheless, you should be cautious. Do not flog the lower back to avoid damaging kidneys. Butts, thighs and the upper back are viewed to be suitable areas to hit.

Erotic spanking is known as the act of spanking a sexual partner for the sexual satisfaction of either or both parties. Activities vary from casual sexual role-play (such as age-play) to home discipline and may be performed by a hand or with the help of a diversity of spanking accessories, such as a spanking paddle or cane. In many cultures pain is associated with an aphrodisiac. For instance, the Kamasutra gives details of how to properly spank a partner during sex. Titillating spankings are normally coupled by other forms of sexual sexual stimulation, such as oral sex, sexual role-playing and/or age-play. The most generally spread method of titillating spanking is administered on naked butts but can also be combined with restraint in order to raise sexual drive and the feeling of submission.
A spanking outfit is another essential feature of spanking. It is called a spanking skirt or a spank skirt. It has an added opening intended to expose the buttocks. While the name "spank skirt" denotes that the wearer could be spanked "bare bottom" without removing or taking off the skirt, this piece of clothing can be put on for reasons other than spanking (for instance, fetishism). Spank clothes are typically tight and made of leather, PVC or latex.

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They state some people prefer submissive sex, others, quite the contrary, desire to dominate. bondage spanking is known as a method of BDSM designed for enjoying sexual gratification. Spanking may involve either the use of a hand or various spanking tools.

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