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Having a Strong Identity is Just Not Enough

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by: GabrielAngelo
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Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2010 Time: 9:06 PM

Today, there is something I like to address that is hampering a lot of guys back from improving this area of their life. There are a lot of guys I know who aren't good with women, and they limit themselves from meeting women saying, "I don't have a strong identity."

For me, I don't just limit myself to a single identity but have multi-identities I use that different women would categorize as attractive by my fashion and my hobbies and interests, but I still need to have strong "sociability" to back it up and still have to do the work to get the girl.

Sociability is your competence, skills, and mojos utilized in social interactions. Ask yourself this, "Do you honestly think just having a strong identity is going to magically make you good with women Having that strong identity is a label, which consciously grants you permission you behave in a way to live up to that identity's role, but that doesn't mean you will play that role effectively.

Just because you are given the title of a doctor, doesn't necessary signify you are an effective doctor. Actually, it works in reverse. You were given the title of a doctor because you went through school and spent endless hours learning how to be a doctor until you became really good at it.

The justification of saying that must have a strong identity first, then I can start deserving and be good with women is does not work in your favor. Let go and let yourself get the girl. What you really need is to start getting out there as much as possible meeting women and acquire the skills, instead of waiting to claim that identity or for it to just accidentally fall into your lap. That is why you have to have the skills under your belt to substantiate that identity...then you will effortlessly communicate that to the girls you're trying to attract.

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Gabriel Angelo runs, with the unique approach to dating and meeting women, by focusing on developing your "social skills" to be the most socially savvy person you can be, not just with women...but everybody. Although the arts are primarily related to dating and attracting women, they can be applied to other aspects of your life from social, dating, personal, and even professional.

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