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How To Find The Right Sexual Lubricants

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by: tomcornish22a
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Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 Time: 11:15 PM

It may seem to be an unusual comparison, but lubricants are like money: both these things smooth our life. Lubricants are really powerful as they can turn a boring sexual act into heavenly delight with just few drops. Water-based lubricants have been in great demand lately. The lube manufacturing companies had to diverse their products by creating new ideas. However, some girls prefer to use the proven quality trend even though it is an expensive one. Money doesn't play a crucial part when it goes about sexual pleasure.
Not all the women being actually warmed up can develop enough natural fluids. That depends on many criteria like age, menstruation peculiarities, diet etc... Artificial lubrication is useful in cases if natural secretion is too thin or vice versa too viscous to offer you the best sexual feeling, or when a sexual act takes longer than bodily-produced lubrication can permit.
How to choose the best lubricant for you? Some sexual experts used to apply diverse oils, creams and lotions to enhance their sexual act, though all these fashioned products cannot be compared with water-based lubricants. They have some disadvantages like hard to be cleaned, attracting dirt and unsuitable for use with latex devices. Creams are commonly rapidly absorbed without providing enough moisturizing and scented lotions can be the reason of discomfort of your intimate body parts.
Nowadays there is an enormous option of water-based lubricants to help you with your problem. Such a big variety of this product makes it harder to decide which one is the right one for you. While purchasing a lubricant you should view first of all such factor as your skin reaction. Many people feel skin irritations using water-based lubes. Some lubricants contain such an allergenic constituent as nonoxynol-9, other enclose glycerin that also may be the reason of troubles.
All the lubricants can be classified by their thickness. Some of them provide good speed by sexual act, while others are rather sticky. So if you wish to have speedy movements during sex you should heedful to superslick demulcent lubricants like Astroglide, Probe, Liquid Silk or ID.
Type of sexual activity you choose is also one of the important criteria in choosing the appropriate lubricant. For anal sex you'd better choose gluey rather lubes Maximus, Embrace or For Play. To achieve the best effect you can try the combination of a silicone lubricant with any water-based sort. There is also one advice for you: don't use silicone lubricant with silicone or Gyberskin devices, as it may damage the material. Hopefully those tips will help you to slipslide to heaven.

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The best way to avoid friction while having sex and to reach better effect is to use a sex lubricant. For couples who enjoy anal sex there is also an enormous catalogue of anal sex lubricants.

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