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How To Make A Girl Like You And Have Some Fun Along The Way

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by: HipolitoRumbach
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Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2011 Time: 6:10 AM

Here's three things you might be doing which will practically guarantee she will not be attracted to you as a guy. If you want to find out how to make a girl like you, read this article.

1. Pursuing her. This really is one of the primary interest killers for women. If you pursue a woman, you exhibit neediness. It demonstrates you don't have women in your life and that the girl you're together with is your last opportunity on the planet to ever in your life have intimacy again (or that is how it appears to you).

Women don't respect or like losers. Get over yourself and start acting as if you are THE most well liked guy with women, that there is not a single female on Earth who does not want you. This mindset is going to shine through in your interactions and women will take notice. If you really want to gain an awareness of how to make girls like you, you have to do this.

2. Speaking with her logical part, not her feelings. It's a certain indication of insecurity - if you simply can't shut up around a girl, since it seems uncomfortable. If that happens, take it as granted that you are lacking some self-assurance. You need to be capable of being at ease with staying silent with a woman. Rather than needing to speak all the time, practice giving her an intent look that says you want to kiss her. Practice holding your body in a way that signals that you two are going to get close very soon.

3. Not knowing what you're doing. If it looks like you're losing control, she is out of here. Especially if she has sexual selection with men. Women are very attuned to reading this kind of information and they understand where you're at. If you don't take control, she's going to be turned off.

I have found that some of the best things I've done to try to find out how to make women like you, by arousing curiosity and interest in women, is when I've acted like I don't care at all about her opinion. I've gone in and did something that takes guts. Like randomly going in for a kiss, not thinking about the outcome. That is very attractive to women.

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