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Summer into autumn; the perfect excuse for a new pair of boots!

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by: DUO Boots
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Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 Time: 1:29 PM

The nights are drawing in, there's a bit of a cold edge to that gentle summer breeze and it's obvious that the seasons are on the change. And if the seasons are changing, that means it's time to start changing your wardrobe too. The onset of autumn is a perfect time to look at ‘transitional shoes' - those that keep your feet toasty and warm on the chilly days yet don't look too wintry when we have one of those brilliant and scorching hot ‘Indian summers' in the middle of September.

As unpredictable as a British summer can be, sandals in September can look just plain wrong, especially if they're accompanied by goosepimply bare legs and toes turned blue with frostbite! There's no point in fighting Mother Nature - if the thermometer's yo-yoing between ‘break out the bikinis!' to ‘where did I put that sweater?' then it's time to pack the sandals away for another year and wrap your feet up in something a little bit more appropriate.

The all-important factor when buying your boots and shoes isn't just looks (although that's probably joint first on any list); it's about comfort. A pair of smart boots that fit not only on your feet but around your calves as well work well with any outfit, even a short skirt if the sun does put in an unexpected appearance. They're equally well suited to rainy days when puddle-dodging in sandals or open toed shoes just isn't as much fun as it was when you were ten years old.

Heels are still big news as we head into autumn and the Cecile range of shoes incorporate the latest almond shaped toe with a combination of a feminine heel to elongate the leg and bright colours to cheer up any autumn wardrobe. Colours don't have to be brown or black just because the sky's a bit overcast - a splash of magenta or playful red keeps the memories of summer alive just that little bit longer. Even boots are breaking away from the traditional browns and black this year with the hottest colour in boots for this season being passionate purple. If you're a little shy of going to the far end of the colour spectrum then a rich burgundy is a great compromise and still keeps you in touch with the catwalk trends.

The major shift this season is towards layering, and a snazzy pair of knee-high boots is the perfect accompaniment to this trend. Dressed up or down, the Toscana boot combines everything in one package - the latest trendy colour, a quirky and unique blend of materials and that all-important wow factor whether you wear them with jeans or with elegant eveningwear. And yes, I did just suggest wearing boots with eveningwear, you did read that right. Designers have really started pushing boundaries with this season's boots and with the inclusion of bright, cheerful colours and styles that look spectacular in any situation you can have both comfort and cutting edge looks.

So this time of year is absolutely the right time to curl up in front of a warm computer and browse for a pair of transitional shoes or boots. Summer may be a distant memory and the flip-flops may have been consigned to the back of the wardrobe for another year, but that doesn't mean that you immediately have to deck your feet out in frumpy shoes and the dreaded wellies. Shoes for the transitional season are pretty, feminine (with plenty of ‘girlie' touches like velvet bows and cute buckles such as the charming ‘Mona' or ‘Ashley' ranges) and boots are daring, vibrant and sexy. Ordering online makes it easy to take your time and decide between a peep-toe shoe with a cute kitten heel or a pair of feisty, purple knee-high boots guaranteed to turn heads. Transitional shoes can be the most fun you can have with your shoes on and that package arriving in the post containing your perfectly fitting boots is just like an early Christmas present to yourself!

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