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Women Sex Toys Variety And Their Functioning

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by: tomcornish2270
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Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 Time: 1:27 PM

Sexual revolution twisted our minds long ago. We are no longer embarrassed to go to a sex shop to buy some erotic devices to spice up our intimate relations. Moreover there is no need to go anywhere personally and discuss our intimate desires with shop assistants as there is a great deal of internet sex toys shops, which offer a large quality of sex devices of numerous materials, styles, colors and sizes. Most of them seem very life-like. Even the fussiest buyer will be satisfied.
There is one question though, that don't let go: can all these toys in spite of their variety and life-semblance interchange a genuine penis? According to medical surveys women still feel great difference between an artificial phallus and a real phallus. Sex devices do actually help to enhance sexual delight and refresh intimate life, but to many women they bring just physical gratification but not emotional. Nothing can excite a woman more than man's touches and sweet words. Unfortunately, not a single sex toy can offer it. That's why a woman sex toy can not interchange a real relation for most of the women.
There is one more issue in this question that deserves discussion: as the same medical studies proved most of men feel as inadequate lovers while trying sex toys with their spouses. Moreover some of them feel that their partners prefer to use phallus substitutes sooner than genuine ones.
Still despite all the pros and cons of sex toys, most professionals advise to all the couples in spite of their intimate orientation to have at least one sex toy at hand. It might be extremely useful especially in a long-term relationship when sex becomes too familiar and is no longer electrifying. It's high time to try something new. In this case specialists consider a sex toy to be the best therapy.
The study of women's sexuality in Berman Institutions in Chicago showed that 60% of women, who use self-foreplay at least once a week, use sex toys to get satisfaction.
There is one tip you should remember: if you decided to obtain a sex toy, you have to share it with your spouse. Be careful introducing them in the bedroom. Don't take them out without having prepared your spouse. The most important thing is that both partners feel easy in using them. In comparison to children's toys grownup's toys can hurt somebody's feelings.

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If you are getting tired your sexual relationship you can always find a way out. Discover more information about sex toy women and how to increase your sexual satisfaction with their help.

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