How To Get A Girl To Like You Just By Learning From Successful Guys

I bet there is this specific girl you are interested in. You admire her soft skin, beautiful hair, radiant eyes. And the problem is - she never even talks to you! Now how come? Here's the key - she is filtering you out because you haven't shown any value to her. Here are some aspects that guys that have lots of girls in their life do in a different way from everyone else.

#1 - They Meet Lots of Girls Every Day, Everywhere

What?! I simply want this one woman, I don't worry about all the others, they're not worth it! That's what you might be thinking. I've been there - now and again I've had different girls I have obsessed over, to the point where I didn't care much at all about any other girl.

If you're in this position, your brain is believing that this is all logical and the best way to go. Well, the answer is completely counter-intuitive.

If you want to learn how to attract this girl, you need to be successful with many girls. Create a social life for yourself whereby anywhere you go, you make friends. Start seeing yourself as the man who can get on with anybody. If you are able to meet girls you're simply interested in as a friend, this will do a whole lot for your success with any woman.

#2 - They Make The Girl Think About Him Constantly By Doing This Particular Thing

If you are having problems getting her interest, you most likely aren't following the previous rule - developing a great social life. On the other hand, you probably are also missing the second component. This can be a key to getting her to start thinking about you.

The key is giving out signals where she's not sure what you imply by it. You say something totally sweet to her, but it implies you furthermore don't like her. You tell her you just want to be pals and nothing else, and you immediately follow it up with "by the way, I like the way you've done your hair".

When you say something, act in the completely opposite way. Say one thing and then say something different. And then the other way around. It's these little things that count.

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