Pre-Divorce Planning by Phone: Don't Let Things Get Worse!

By Nancy Fagan, LMFT,

Every year 50 to 68 percent of all married couples go through a divorce. One of the results is that one or both people feel upset by the unfair results. If you are one of the many people considering divorce, don't make the mistake the others have made by creating an exit plan before you announce to your partner that you want out of the marriage.

In all the years that The Divorce Help Clinic has been helping people, I've met with a lot of people who wanted to plan their marital departure. It's interesting how different the goals are for each sex. Typically, the focus of men is financial. They want help finding ways to lower the spousal support they will pay and how to get more time with their children. Women, on the other hand, are primarily how the divorce will affect their children as well as have a tremendous fear they won't be able to make it on their own.

Because planning a divorce strategy is a private matter, many people prefer to talk by phone rather than in person. Below are some of the biggest benefits that pre-divorce phone support has to offer at this stage in your life.

1. Somebody anonymous to talk with when things get bad. This sure beats trying to hold in your feelings. And when your pre-divorce help comes through The Divorce Help Clinic, you know that you are dealing with a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in divorce. 

2. Anytime. Anytime you need help your phone divorce consultant is only a call away. Again, this easy access is one of the biggest advantages of pre-divorce phone support. If you feel down and out on a particular day you can call your counselor to discuss your problem. 

3. Confidential. All of your calls are kept private so that you never have to worry about your business getting into the street.

As you can see, pre-divorce phone support and divorce go together hand-in-hand. If you are considering divorce having a tough time, there is no better option than a divorce phone help. The three benefits listed above are just the tip of the iceberg.

About the Author

Nancy Fagan, LMFT owner of The Divorce Help Clinic, specializes in divorce planning and divorce mediation. She has been working with conflicting couples since 1993 as a marriage and family therapist. Ms. Fagan is a nationally recognized divorce expert and is the published author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Romance" (Macmillan Publishing) and "Desirable Men: How to Find Them (Crown Books). To learn more, visit